6 Foods for Youth That Can Be Consumed

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“There are many types of foods that can keep you young. Well, some examples of foods to stay young are avocado, watermelon, and blueberries."

JMG.CO.ID, Jakarta – Even though age continues to grow, the face must remain youthful. One of the factors a person looks youthful when his skin looks beautiful and healthy. Well, you can stay young by eating delicious and filling food. To know a list of these healthy foods, read the following reviews!

Consumption of Food for Youth

Indeed, as you age, the food you eat can greatly affect your fitness, appearance, quality of life, and many other things. The reason is, the body relies on nutrients from the food consumed. These nutrients can help to slow down various signs of aging that may occur. Therefore, the consumption of the right food is very necessary.

There are several types of foods that can make a person stay young, namely healthy sources of protein, contain healthy fats, and are rich in antioxidants. However, what are the foods that fall into this category? Here's the list:

1. Avocado

One type of food to stay young that can be consumed is avocado. This fruit is rich in oleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids, which can help the skin to remain moist on the outer layer and more elastic when touched. The antioxidant content in avocados can also fight free radicals that can damage the skin and make it older. For its own taste, avocado is a delicious food to eat.

2. Blueberries

Another type of food that can make you stay young is blueberries. These berries are rich in vitamins C and E, which are vitamins that are useful for brightening the skin and preventing free radical damage. The content of arbutin in it can also act as a skin lightener.

3. Pome fruit

Another fruit that can be food for youth is pome. This fruit is rich in nutrients that contain antioxidants. This can prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The way it works is to neutralize harmful free radicals to keep the skin healthy. Its phytochemical content can also help the body increase the production of collagen (anthocyanins) and reduce inflammation in the body (ellagic acid).

4. Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that is known to be rich in lycopene. These substances are useful as antioxidants and can help the body in reducing UV damage to the skin. Watermelon can also increase skin protection from the sun because of its phytochemicals.

5. Lobster

Another food that can keep you young is lobster. This seafood has a high zinc content. This substance is useful as an anti-inflammatory that can help to overcome skin problems on the body, one of which is acne.

6. Fatty Fish

Consumption of fatty fish can also make you more youthful. This food has high nutrition so it can nourish the skin. The content of omega-3 fatty acids can act as a barrier to the skin against UV, and help to reduce inflammation that can damage the skin. One type of fatty fish that is recommended is salmon.

Those are some foods to stay young that can be consumed regularly every day. That way, the face and skin that does not age can be obtained without the need for medical treatment. In addition, a healthy body can also be obtained by regularly consuming these healthy foods.

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